Korea and Vietnam before the Twentieth Century

January 14th, 15th, 21st, 2022 @ UCLA

The workshop brings together scholars interested in developing a framework for meaningful  collaboration between the Korean and Vietnamese studies fields. It has been quite a journey to get this workshop off the ground amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to support from our sponsors, Academy of Korean Studies (Project: AKS-2020-C-15), James P. Geiss & Margaret Y. Hsu Foundation, UCLA’s Center for Korean Studies, and the Center of Southeast Asian Studies, it is finally happening!

The panel presentations and ensuing discussions from the speakers will take place at UCLA with a ZOOM stream, so it will be possible for non-speakers to participate remotely over ZOOM as well. We welcome your participation; pre-registration is required. Please find the information for registration, as well as the conference schedule on our website: https://korea-vietnam.humspace.ucla.edu/

For panels/schedule: https://korea-vietnam.humspace.ucla.edu/conference-schedule/
For registration:   https://korea-vietnam.humspace.ucla.edu/conference-information/

We are also looking to host a ZOOM-based speaker series that will continue these conversations over the rest of 2022. Also, please consider signing up for the Korea-Vietnam Working Group mailing list for future events.